Spanish Inheritance

Life in Spain is good: the climate is nice and warm, the mentality of the people is generally relaxed, sports and leisure facilities (such as golf) are splendid and last but not least, the fresh Mediterranean food is both tasty and healthy

You can enjoy your life to the maximum in this beautiful country. However, although not everybody wants to think about this, it is obviously that every life ends at some point. Wouldn´t it be a comforting idea to know that your most loved ones will have the possibility to continue their lives in the most comfortable way that is possible? But how can you make sure they can optimally enjoy the assets you eventually leave behind?

Spanish inheritance procedure – inheritance law in Spain

The disposition of assets located in Spain by non-resident heirs is not an automatic procedure.

Inheritance tax in Spain: applicable law

Although your national law is applicable for the distribution of your Spanish assets, from a fiscal/tax point of view, the inherit

National or regional law

Per law 21/2001 of 27th December, the collection of the Spanish inheritance tax and the right to produce additional legislation to

Requirements and formalities of the Spanish Will

Arcos & Lamers Asociados provides legal advice to our clients to grant the Spanish will – the so called open will – <!&

Other Services

Not only for advice upon executing a will before a notary or preparation and signing the deed of acceptance and vesting of estate

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Spanish will in Spain

Arcos & Lamers Asociados is a Spanish law firm settled in Marbella and specialized in Spanish Inheritance procedures in the entire Spanish territory. In any case, relating to your assets located in Spain, we recommend the granting of your will in Spain before a Spanish notary.

This way, the procedure for acceptance and receiving the inheritance in Spain by the appointed heirs in the future will run as smoothly as possible. Do you need any advice on Spanish inheritance tax or Spanish inheritance procedures? Or do you require advice with regard to a will in Spain? It will be our pleasure to calculate your tax liabilities in Spain, whether you are tax resident or non-tax resident in Spain.

Focus on client needs

Our client’s needs (both residents and non-residents) are always our highest priority. Especially in a delicate topic like someone’s will. Once you have told us your wishes, we start directly to address them in concrete results. Openly and in a personal way. As Arcos & Lamers Asociados renders her services throughout Spain from our office in Marbella, it does not matter where you are located.

Inheritance procedure in Spain, Spanish wills and succession

Please do not hesitate to visit our website for additional information relating to inheritance procedures in Spain, the Spanish inheritance tax law and how to proceed with the drafting of your will in Spain.