Other Services

Not only for advice upon executing a will before a notary or preparation and signing the deed of acceptance and vesting of estate before <!–more–>
any public notary we are your designated English-speaking law firm in Spain. From our office in Marbella (Málaga) we can help you throughout Spain in many other areas as well. If you are looking for an accountant, lawyer, tax advisor or solicitor in Spain, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can assist you.

At Arcos & Lamers Asociados we can offer you:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate. We can provide you with all information about expenses and taxes that are associated with acquisition or sale of a property, legal advice on purchase and sale, analysis of the necessary documentation, study of all inherent expenses to the property in order to confirm the non-existence of debts and appropriate checking of charges at the Land Registry, payment of taxes for the transaction and registration at the Land Registry, other services related to real estate such as declarations of new building title deeds, rentals, establishment and cancellation of mortgage securities, exchanges, dation in payment, and others.
  • Civil legal and extrajudicial proceedings. We can provide you with consulting services in order to defend your interests in negotiations of economic agreements, judicial and extrajudicial claim of debts, by either an extrajudicial decision on the dispute or, in last instance, by assisting you through legal proceedings.
  • Tax law: tax and accounting advice. We offer advice in a number of different languages related to any fiscal liability, both to companies and individuals.
  • Corporate law, trade companies. We can provide you with comprehensive advice about the incorporation, modification or any other action that is related to the everyday management of a trade company, such as capital increase or decrease, changes within the administrative board, as well as any other action subject to be notarised.
  • Spanish employment advice. We offer services like advice on drawing up employment contracts and senior management contracts, social security (for both individuals and companies), dismissals and sanctions, claims for payment, legal advice and defence, preparation of payroll and severance payment, advice, arbitration and resolution of labour disputes.
  • Trademarks and patents. We can deal with all formalities to be carried out before the Spanish Office for Patents and Trademarks on the exclusive right on your trademark and distinctive symbol to defend your business’ interests.
  • Criminal law. We rely on specialised professionals in various areas to offer a customised treatment and absolute confidentiality in the defence of your case.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings. We can provide you with comprehensive advice about the analysis of the debt situation of your company and prepare and file the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Legal and fiscal advice in general. We can provide you, among others, with legal and fiscal advice on several topics like a full round accountancy cycle, checking your bookkeeping, granting and presenting any tax declarations and annual accounts at the corresponding public entity, Spanish Inland Revenue or Mercantile register.
  • Other services. We can assist you in the basic bureaucratic issues, like contracting of supplies for your property in Spain, registration to the Census of taxpayers, payment and filing of your taxes, NIE Application.

Other Services

Spanish inheritance procedure – inheritance law in Spain

The disposition of assets located in Spain by non-resident heirs is not an automatic procedure.

Inheritance tax in Spain: applicable law

Although your national law is applicable for the distribution of your Spanish assets, from a fiscal/tax point of view, t

National or regional law

Per law 21/2001 of 27th December, the collection of the Spanish inheritance tax and the right to produce additional legi

Requirements and formalities of the Spanish Will

Arcos & Lamers Asociados provides legal advice to our clients to grant the Spanish will – the so called open will